Official Smart Contract Swap Info

How to swap an Unofficial Trashpunk for the new Official, dedicated smart contract TRASHPUNK: This can be done from your metamask or directly from opensea. I find opensea to be the easiest.  To swap out, you will send your trashpunk to the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) below: swap.trashpunks.eth  This ENS routes to: 0x74121b0bB9bA0eE35456f3105A4a5dBe38D01BA1 Once all […]

The Future of TRASH

This brief piece is going to address some questions I’ve heard about TRASHPUNKS as well as my future plans for the series. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: What is the total supply of the TRASHPUNKS? This question will be broken into three parts; with a possible Machine Learning driven generation (GEN X) Generation 1 – Supply […]